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Got Cake?

The Pickup



An ordinary night gets Spark’d in a rather blissful way. Introducing Phoenix and Jax.


The Chase

A classy and sexy party provides the setting for Nyx's subtle pursuit of Henrik. When the chase is over the fun is just beginning and the tease becomes real.


Worth the Wait

While Evie prepares for a sexy evening, Logan gets stuck at work with a last minute project. Each find ways to pass the time and when finally reunited, a delayed evening becomes a passionate encounter.


Breakfast In Bed

A lazy morning, the sun shining in the room and a frisky James provides a canvas for James to awaken Taara in the most wonderful way. 


Blind Date

What would you do on a less than engaging date? You might just seek your own adventure... Introducing Amalthea Night.



Taara Rose comes home after a long day to find James cooking a wonderful meal for two. However, they find food isn't what they crave most, so dinner might just have to wait.



There’s a powerful feeling when the sun comes up and the day starts. The light plays beautifully and reminds us that life begins anew every day. No surprise that such a feeling can inspire an erotic experience.



The excitement and tension of business deals can inspire the participants to engage in other, more physical ways. The merging of two companies is reflected in the passionate sexuality of their Chief Executives. Staring Angel and Heidi Cruz.



We have all had days where nothing seems to go right. These days challenge us and invite us to find our spirit again in the midst of frustration and loss. Redemption, starring Rogue.

Team Member Interviews

Taara Rose & James

Spark Erotic's first Team Member Couple, Taara Rose and James. Learn more about this adventurous Canadian couple in their interview with Spark and be sure to check out their erotic shorts, Simmer and Breakfast In Bed.



Spark Erotic's first female Team Member Rogue. We invite you to take a closer look at the star behind our first award winning short Redemption.

Full interview



Spark Erotic's first Male Team Member, Angel. Learn more about him in his interview with Spark and see him in his award winning erotic debut Merger, co-staring Heidi Cruz.

full interview


More Team Member Interviews Coming Soon! 

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