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Kama’s Corner

Porn for Women – What exactly does that mean?


When we think about producing porn for women (or porn for couples that include women) there are a number of things we can consider. What are the differences between “standard” porn and “porn for women”?  Of course, I’ll have to generalize, but here’s Spark Erotic’s answer:


First of all, most standard porn is shot from a purely male perspective which usually means focusing on the women in the scene and mostly on her genitalia. For instance, it’s rare to see expressions of pleasure on the men’s faces, something that women have told us they enjoy seeing in our films. I believe the reason for this is that standard porn is meant to be a sexual replacement and usually watched solo. It is filmed so a male watcher can project himself into the scene. Seeing men’s faces would disrupt that fantasy if a man wants to imagine he is the man. This is different from what a woman or couple would like to see as the sexual experience including both equally.

Spark Erotic has the benefit of both the female and male perspectives in our productions. Our female director, Urvashi, is focused on providing a balanced view of a female perspective (her vision) with a complementary male view (her male cameramen). She loves the portrayal of explicit sex but not as simply “staring” as much porn seems to be. As Director of Photography, I am always aware that I should plan and shoot to honor her vision and perspective. Likewise, Remy, our other cameraman and editor, operates in the same way. Ultimately, Urvashi is the final word on what vision is portrayed but the combination of our team’s unique ways of seeing makes the magic.

Second, porn for women generally has more context to the sexuality. A lot of male-centered porn is shot in the gonzo category which means they get right to the sex without bothering to tell a story or establishing any reason why the performers are having sex. Porn for women and couples generally spends time on developing context as a necessary and exciting part of the erotic portrayal. We liken the process to establishing characters and story in “normal films” so that the audience cares about the people they are watching and what happens to them. There is a reason they are having sex! That establishment of characters and context is similar to good foreplay. Take some time. . .don’t rush.

Third, porn for women in our opinion, should have a higher production value and esthetic which shows class and care. Sexuality is one of our greatest gifts and deserves to be treated with respect and conscious effort.  This matters to most women we’ve heard from. A quick spin through some typical porn site’s offerings will show quite the contrary – no attention to lighting (often crude), lazy camera work and a “cheap” vibe all around. Porn has a function and place but we want to offer another perspective.

Spark Erotic and our quality peers spend the time and energy to plan and produce true films. Spark writes scripts, creates storyboards, plans shots and lighting, locations and wardrobe – a multitude of details that add up to a different result, one that is more gourmet. Kind of the difference between gulping down a fast food burger or enjoying a fine meal. This is a big part of the difference between normal porn and erotica.

As we aim to produce “female friendly” porn we want to create a mix of the familiar and novel. We want the beginnings of our stories (the build up) to be shot with intent and quality. That provides comfort in the context as a starting point while the excitement builds. As we move towards the sexuality and approach that boundary we hope to have built the context to cross that boundary and feel great about it. A “behind the scenes” element of that is that Spark Erotic films are shot with people who know each other and have existing sexual relationships instead of being strangers showing up on set. That’s an important part to us of the authentic portrayal of sexuality.

Finally, we’re mindful of the feeling that our viewers have as an end result. Raw sexuality is exciting, but sometimes that simple excitement can leave a viewer with a dirty or nasty feeling in the end if the other elements of erotica are not in place. We pay a lot of attention to the set and setting of the sexuality to combine sexual arousal along with mental arousal. That creates a fuller experience which most women appreciate. Lots of people jump around, fast forwarding when they watch porn to find the instantly exciting parts. Our films are meant to be a journey from the introduction to the exciting sexuality and the story’s resolution.

In the end, we have a committed process for producing our films which fits our style and vision. Whether you call it porn for women or erotica, we hope you like the way we see things.