Urvashi's Eye Photography consists of two of the founding partners of Spark Erotic, Urvashi & Kama. They have been providing classy erotic photography of women, men, couples and more for over a decade. They work with both professional and aspiring models, but particularly enjoy photographing everyday people who want to see themselves as beautiful and sexy. 

From the creative work Urvashi's Eye produced, came the genesis of Spark Erotic. Special thanks to Urvashi's Eye Photography for the principle photography on SparkErotic.com



We are a sex-positive couple that shares our personal experiences and knowledge. We crave to inspire others to be aware of their sexuality and accept the sexual being within. Our belief is that being aware and comfortable about what you desire, helps build a stronger relationship with yourself as well as with others.

Our mission is to educate, share and reach out to couples and singles to let them know how incredible the Swinging Lifestyle can be when you possess knowledge of what the Lifestyle is all about..

For more information on how to help support our erotic vision, please visit our Patreon page.