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“Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge. ” – Alice Walker

Spark Erotic is dedicated to partnering with other sex positive movers and shakers within the erotic world. We invite you to explore our friends.

Samarel Eros

“We are but a sexual energy in need to survive”


Though I have been fascinated by erotic art for as long as I remember, I discovered the world of adult erotica in 2001. Sharing my erotic paintings has been my consuming passion. As they say, “All art is erotic.” While this is true, I have focused on art depicting the human body, and the sexual energy between couples. This is my passion, my love. Dive into my world, my erotic paintings galleries, then help my paintings come to life again – on your bedroom wall. Make love – have fun (:


I invite you to feast your eyes upon my erotica

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Sex Uninterrupted

We are a sex-positive couple that shares our personal experiences and knowledge. We crave to inspire others to be aware of their sexuality and accept the sexual being within. Our belief is that being aware and comfortable about what you desire, helps build a stronger relationship with yourself as well as with others.

Our mission is to educate, share and reach out to couples and singles to let them know how incredible the Swinging Lifestyle can be when you possess knowledge of what the Lifestyle is all about..

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You Do You Media

Success is defined in so many different ways, it’s more of a matter of perspective really.

My name is Alex (no one calls me that) and I was miserable working a job I really didn’t give a shit about, so I quit and started this project to find people pursuing their passions over stability and tradition.  Enter: Dillon, a beautiful documentary film maker (and an even more beautiful human) who was tired of trying to fill time between projects and wanted to stretch his legs on the road.

With his skills and my….well my whatever, we present the You Do You project.  It’s a little web series, a little podcast, a little humor and a lot of heart where we talk to entrepreneurs, community staples or just people who want to make a difference around them but most importantly these people are your neighbors.  We want to find out what makes them tick, when they realized they needed to go down the path they’re on not to mention the struggles and hurdles they’ve encountered in that process.

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All The Birds Productions

For The Love Of Film

Filmmaking never stops teaching me. Be it learning a new way to talk to actors, picking up a better way to record audio, or finding just the right trick to make the shot. You have to be creative in every aspect of the job.

The thing I love most about filmmaking though is that you need other creative, talented, amazing people to really bring a project to life. Unlike another art form, film needs creativity from so many different people and I’m so glad I get to be one of them.

Let’s make something together.

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Fight Boring Marriages

Clayton and Danielle are fighting the good fight by openly and honestly discussing their sexual awakening, programing, and deprograming, after emerging from the Mormon Church (Church of the Later Day Saints). Their ability to be open, vulnerable and honest has been a huge connection point for many who are needing guidance and affirmation as they work through their relationship between sexuality and Faith. They have been a source of light and hope for many, changing and saving lives through their testimony.

At the moment their website is undergoing construction, but until it’s relaunch, check out their IG account, tell them Spark Erotic sent you!

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Afterglow Podcast

A Sex and Relationship podcast from the perspective of two black women living in California, having a good time while sharing knowledge and stories about the ups, downs, and complications that are relationships.

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