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“Sexuality is, of course, a great way of having a conversation between people.”
-Tilda Swinton


``Smells Like Sin``

Remy sits down with an old friend Bishop, the newest member to the behind the scenes staff at Spark Erotic. They discuss what it’s like to work on the set of an erotic film, and some views of the world of sex in general.

Urvashi & Kama

``Inspiring people's own experiences...sexually``

Remy sits down with Urvashi & Kama, the founders of Spark Erotic, to discuss how the company came to be. We also discuss how to keep romance alive while living in the lifestyle and how they hope to inspire the world with all they do.

Nyx & Henrik

``A little bit crunchy``

Remy sits down with Nyx and Henrik to discuss things like being a married couple in the lifestyle, what they find sexy and what it’s like being involved with Spark Erotic.

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