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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
(+44) 871.075.0336
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We need you! We want you!

Spark Erotic is an independent film company – think shoestring (really). We do our very best to produce the highest quality erotica but we work on limited budgets with volunteer help to make it all happen. Your support is important to us and makes it possible. In a world of “free porn” it still takes substantial resources to accomplish each film. Even feeding everyone decently on set takes $.

We don’t have a monthly subscription fee. Rather we ask for your pledge of support whenever we release a new film. That way if it takes us a little longer you’re not being charged until then and you can feel good knowing you helped make it! We aim to release a new film every 4-6 weeks, but that can vary based on project complexity. Quality takes time.

Your initial pledge will give you access to all of our previous films and team member biographies and each new one. We ask for minimum pledge of $10 per release to access our films, but encourage you to pledge whatever more our work is worth to you personally. Though we’ve set the guidelines at $10-$30 we’ll never turn down our noses at more. You can feel great knowing that every penny goes toward our next production if you love what we do and want us to keep at it! If you are generous above the $30 level we will unlock our premium benefits to you (see details below).

Whatever you pledge, thank you so much! It means the world to us to be able to do what we love and share it with you.

Your Benefits by Pledge Level

$10 - $29 Pledge per release

For a pledge at this level you will have immediate access to all of our previous films and team member biographies. This is the core of the work we have done, many of them award winning at festivals throughout the world. Your money will be used to support our efforts on our next release which you will have immediate access to upon official release.

$30+ Pledge per release

Premium Access
For your extra generosity, we will happily unlock our Premium Patron section for you which includes:

• New Films with Early Premiere (48 hours prior to official release)

• Premium photos of our Team members including more explicit shots

• Behind the scenes pictures and footage from our shoots

• Interviews with the Team after shoots about their experiences.

• Sparkcast Premium – the filmed versions of our podcast. Nothing like watching!

• Sexy Odds & Ends – all of the random, wonderful stuff that’s part of our lives together.

• Free entry to each Spark event . This includes meet & greats with Team members, film screenings, parties and more.

$10 - $29
Spark Patron
• Library of all Spark films
• New films at moment of official release
• Team Member biographies
Spark Premium Patron
• Library of all Spark Films
• New Films with Early Premiere (48 hours prior to official release)
• Behind the scenes content
• Premium Photo Galleries
• Interviews with the stars
• Free VIP entry into Spark events
• Random sexiness