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Spark Press

“Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words. My language trembles with desire. “

-Roland Barthes

The Red Couch

While we appreciate porn, we’ve always preferred reality type porn videos. Videos where you can tell the couples are real and that they enjoy knowing that other people are watching them.

Spark is this times 10, but doesn’t consider what they do porn.

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5280 Magazine

Porn with a Purpose

Kama and Urvashi have no problems with graphic sexual imagery. It’s adult videos—the kind that depict women more as tools than humans—they take issue with. “Porn upsets me as a female,” Urvashi says. In addition, pornography, they believe, too often has become a replacement for sex. So, four years ago, the couple launched a production company called Spark Erotic.

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Fight Boring Marriages

Receiving this write up from Clayton about how Spark Erotic changed his perspective as well as enlivened he and Danielle’s marriage was so affirming. Everything he expressed is why we are doing what we are doing. It’s articles like this that let us know we are doing things right. Thank you so much for the validation!

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You Do You Media

This description of Alex’s should tell you just how this Podcast with YouDoYouMedia went. We had such a good time with Dillon and Alex, introducing them to all things erotica.

“We have a little sit down and discuss how hanging out with the Spark Erotic family has impacted us. Anywhere from our views on typical relationships, monogamy, pornography in general…and of course big sausage pizzas.”

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All The Birds Productions

Spark Erotic had the honor to be showcased by award winning documentarian Dillon Birdsall. He gained the rare privilege of going behind the curtain to see how we create our art. From planning sessions, to in-depth interviews with our Team, to assisting on a full on shoot, Dillon captured the spirit of Spark Erotic perfectly.

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Sex Unitnterupted

Everything you wanted to know about consensual non-monogamy

We had a great time reconnecting and sharing our story with Spark Teammates, and co-hosts of Sex Uninterrupted Podcast, Tarra Rose and James. Hosting a weekly open dialog on a myriad of LifeStyle and sex related topics, they are powerfully educating and empowering others to take their own sexual journey.

Bonus, they also wrote an incredible article on us.

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Featured Studio: Spark Erotic – The Elegant Swan

By: Magnus Sullivan

It’s always interesting to hear what other people think of you and we’re excited about this one. Spark Erotic was the subject of a new article by Magnus Sullivan, quite a big shot in the adult business world. Part artist and part businessman, Magnus was responsible for both the establishment of eLine, as far back as 1993, bringing big brands to online prominence, and as writer/filmmaker of Marriage 2.0, which won The Feminist Porn Awards coveted ‘Movie of the Year’ award in 2016.

We would love for you to read the article. It’s a wonderful feeling when someone recognizes you and get’s where you’re coming from. Kinda made us blush. . .

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Erotica: An Interview with a Creator

CeCe and Voodoo Feat. Urvashi
“Hey Hey Hey! The ladies got to sit down with an Award Winning Erotica Creator, Urvashi of Spark Erotic! Urvashi enlightened the Voodoo and Cece on the difference between Erotica and Porn and provided a view into the life of a Woman navigating sexuality. Winner of many awards with most recent being the CineKink Audience Choice award, It was truly a pleasure to get to interview such a force of nature.”
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An open perspective on sexual desire filled with love, passion & an eye for detail

“It is easy to film people fucking, to zoom in on the action and create a video that for many of us will do the trick – if you catch our drift. The challenge lies in capturing what goes on during sex on a different, more intimate level. Desire. Sexual tension. Connection. No phony moaning and fake orgasms, but the real spark that goes back and forth between people who truly want each other. If this genuine sexual expression is what you are looking for in your porn, you should check out the short films by Colorado-based SPARK EROTIC.”
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