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When I met James he was freshly out of a relationship and I was in the wrong one. We worked together and shared an office so we were bound to talk and get to know each other. Although I wasn’t that fond of his cocky early twenty-something attitude, we soon found a common interest in electronic music and sex. I shared a few crazy stories I had from getting my toes wet in the Lifestyle and he would tell me about his weekend conquers.

Our friendship grew every day as we talked more and got to know each other. The REAL each other – I certainly didn’t feel the need to impress him by not being myself. It was easy to be ourselves around each other. I learned that I assumed wrong with his cockiness. He wasn’t cocky – he was confident. James beat his own drum and didn’t let others’ perceptions bother him. He did what he wanted to be happy and I actually admired that a lot in him.

The friendship we created laid the foundation to build a great relationship upon. Our communication only happened face to face in the office as we shared a SMALL office together. We didn’t become Facebook friends right away; we didn’t text or call each other outside of work. We didn’t have drinks to “lighten the mood” when we talked and we both had to learn how to deal with snappiness towards each other when we were under pressure. We shared a lot about ourselves to each other in a way that most couples can’t anymore when budding a new relationship. We became quite close and at this point sex hadn’t even entered the picture yet as I was still in the wrong relationship!

I actually barely remember the whole break-up ordeal I went through with the ex. It was messy and I was a wreak afterwards. What I do remember is James being the first person I had to talk to when I came into work after the weekend. I cried to him and he hugged and consoled me; he did his best to be genuine and help me see the bright side.

Shortly after becoming single, I asked some work friends to hit up happy hour with me – James included. They obliged and we made plans to go to a super trendy restaurant downtown.

As most nights go, drinks turned into shooters and shooters led to me getting a little more than tipsy. My drunken playful confidence started to surface and James and I started teasing each other flirtatiously. We knew each other well but I never really looked at him that way! Never did I consider fucking him; he was younger – my age – and from my previous experiences with younger men I assumed it could only be mediocre sex. I complained to a friend nearby that I needed a sex buddy. She pointed to the James and said “there you go!” I giggled and said “I think I would destroy him.” Little did I know…

After wrapping up the evening at the bar, three of us headed back to James’. I felt the shooters strongly following the walk to his apartment and stared to fall asleep on the couch. Everyone was being noisy so I opted to go to his bedroom to have a nap. We were friends and I knew he didn’t mind. In his bed, I took of my pants and fell asleep. Looking back, part of me was definitely pushing the boundaries to see what would happen next when he found me.

I have no idea how much time had passed before I was woken awake by his hand creeping down on my ass. He looked at me with pure animal rage and growled “Are you ready to be destroyed?” I really had no time to collect myself or figure out what was happening because at that moment he took control of me. Kissing my lips hard, grabbing a fist full of hair and snapping my neck back he nipped my neck hard enough to make me lose my breath. I was into this…I could play this game.

He pinned my hands down over my head, his free hand grabbed my breast. Hard. Forceful. I was taken aback by this guy, I underestimated him. I could feel the sexual energy coursing through his body and into mine, and knew I was in for a treat. He devoured all of me. He licked my clit with such intensity and fingered my pussy until I squirted all over his face. I may enjoy taking everything I can from a man, but I equally enjoy giving it back. I made sure to blow his mind with my mouth. I shoved his hard big cock deep in my mouth and down my throat. I took all of him in my mouth and sucked hard. Every bit of detail and attentiveness he gave to my pussy, I wanted to return to his cock. He needed to know how much I enjoyed him taking control of body.

When he was close to cumming from my mouth worship, he threw me down, pulled out a condom and put it on. He thrust hard into me and made me cry out. My body was tingling – he fucked me so hard and so good. He wouldn’t stop, he would just pound me as deep as he could get. He held me down and wasn’t scared to push my limits; he made me cum over and over. When he needed a break, I would take my turn sucking his cock. When he got his strength he would fuck me again. This went on for over 3 hours. Bliss. Heaven.

The sexual chemistry was NUTS between the two of us. We are, however, two very stubborn people and neither of us was ready to be a relationship. We played the dance of best-friends/fuck-friends for nearly a year and a half. It was the most complicated non-relationship I have ever experienced! We learned a lot about each other and over time it became obvious that a relationship made sense. We had both grown enough separately to be able to start to grow together. So far, it’s been a pretty amazing experience!